27 April 2021

Book Space Team Reloaded

This year new members have joined the Book Space team. Yulia Laktionova, cultural manager and writer, became the creative director of the festival.

Co-founder and former art director of Book Space Victoria Narizhna pass on coordination of festival work to her new colleague. Victoria remains the ideological inspiration of the festival and the curator of the Books of the Future educational program.

«Starting such a large and ambitious project as Book Space has become perhaps the biggest challenge in my career as a cultural manager, but I am very glad that I was not afraid to meet this challenge. I am glad that our festival has so quickly become promising and significant enough that not only those who care about culture in their native Dnipro, but people from all over Ukraine would like to work with it.

I want to believe that the opportunity to attract fresh forces from outside the local community to the team means that the festival was recognized as an important addition to the cultural map of Ukraine. And for me, this means that I can easily transfer the coordination of the festival into competent hands, and instead focus on the most important topics for me — for example, innovations in the book field», – Victoria shared.

From now on Yulia Laktionova will coordinate the work of the entire Book Space team and curate the focus theme of the festival. She explains her decision to join the team this way: «After attending so many international and national book fairs and festivals as a participant, diplomat, guest, author, expert, communicator, and visitor, I just could not refuse the opportunity to join the creative and professional team of young and bright Book Space!

I am extremely grateful for the trust and I am excited to think about how to fit all our ideas into the three days of the festival. And I dream that the event will take place offline. We will all meet there and thanks to the literature we will learn even more about the «new intimacy»».

Alla Rybitska remains the manager of the Book Fair and the Publishers Program, Stefana Tsebrenko is the curator of the Children's Program, Olena Yurchuk and Victoria Starykova are the curators of the Special Programs.

Natalia Korniienko, a communicator and journalist, became the PR director of the festival, and Yaroslava Kovalchuk became a designer.

«Last festival year was almost entirely online. The usual multi-day events turned into several-hour marathons. The energy of joint action was accumulated in joint views, likes, and reposts. I really hope that this year we will be able to return to the offline intimacy that everyone missed so much, with its hugs, gestures, intonations, touches», Natalia said.

Later, the organizational manager and technical director will also join the festival team.

The whole team can be found at the link.

Book Space Fest has chosen New Intimacy as a focal theme for the 2021 event. We have already announced an Open call for publishers to participate in our book fair. Looking forward to your applications for participation in the fair and program of events until June 20.

Let’s create a new intimacy through books!