Our values

The team of the International Book Space Festival dreams of seeing Dnipro as a modern, developed european city, economically successful, tolerant, and inclusive. A city filled with educated, caring, inquisitive, open people, whose coexistence is determined and shaped by the Ukrainian law and the principles of good neighborliness, rather than stereotypes of the last century and the traumas of the past. We are sure that our city has the potential to become just that.

We see our festival as one of the possible means to achieve this dream. That is why we set the following priorities for our work:

  • to put Dnipro on the cultural map of Ukraine and the world, to increase interest in our city;
  • contribute to the development of cultural, educational, communication levels in the local community;
  • disseminate and explain the values of human rights;
  • to help form a tolerant and inclusive community in Dnipro;
  • to promote the accessibility of the intellectual product to people of different wealth and social status;
  • to establish and strengthen cultural ties within the country and between Ukraine and the world (especially Europe);
  • to help establish intergenerational ties in the community;
  • to acquaint citizens with modern literature, relevant in content and form, both Ukrainian and foreign;
  • to acquaint citizens with modern tendencies in book publishing, book illustration, book design;
  • to promote reading as a form of leisure, a way to knowledge, and a source of critical thinking;
  • to demonstrate to the public all possible variety of culturally and intellectually rich leisure, to prove that art should not be boring or incomprehensible;
  • reduce the distance between the audience and artists / intellectuals, enable dialogue between them;
  • to develop festival culture, to make clear the idea of curation and work of curators visible;
  • to create a space for professional dialogue of specialists in the field of literature and publishing for the emergence of new ideas and partnerships;
  • to contribute to the development of creative industries in Dnipro.

Based on the priorities, we also aim to use all means available in an event such as a festival to support in the professional community the following organizations and groups of people:

  • small independent publishers who share our core values;
  • independent bookstores that share our core values;
  • authors, artists, designers, etc. who are starting their careers (especially from the local community);
  • local independent media that share our core values;
  • local representatives of creative industries;
  • libraries as centers of an intellectual product accessible to all;
  • educational projects that share our core values;
  • publishers and authors who raise difficult, debatable topics, especially in children's literature;
  • publishers and authors who develop feminist discourse in Ukraine.

We also consider it important to support the following groups of people with the means available to us as much as possible. Despite their apparent dissimilarity, these groups, in our opinion, are united by the fact that they are insufficiently integrated and / or protected in Ukrainian society and are not provided with decent support at the state level. Among these groups, we highlight:

  • veterans of the Russo-Ukrainian War;
  • internally displaced persons;
  • people with disabilities;
  • people with mental disorders;
  • people who live in poverty;
  • women;
  • children;
  • elderly people;
  • LGBTQ+ people;
  • national minorities.

This list is not exhaustive, but is the basis and guide.

We also consider it incompatible with our values to provide a platform at the International Book Space Festival for public expression and distribution of their products to organizations and individuals who:

  • publicly promote and / or support violence, especially domestic, economic, psychological, sexual, reproductive violence against women;
  • publicly express and / or support homophobic, misogynistic, racist, ageistic, Judaophobic and other discriminatory views;
  • publicly promote and / or support fascist and / or Nazi ideology;
  • publicly call for the restriction of rights and freedoms in Ukraine (for example, the ban on abortion, the ban on Equality Marches, etc.);
  • promote and popularize anti-scientific views;
  • one’s activities hinder European integration processes in Ukraine;
  • lobby the influence of churches on secular life in Ukraine;
  • publicly support the Putin regime, deny or justify the annexation of Crimea and / or the war in Donbas;
  • publicly support any form of separatism in Ukraine;
  • publicly deny or justify the Holodomor and other crimes of the Soviet Union against Ukrainian people;
  • publicly deny or justify the Holocaust;
  • are political organizations or political parties or candidates for office at any stage of the electoral process.

The organizations and individuals listed above may be invited to participate as a party to the discussion if the curatorial team deems such a discussion to be socially important and appropriate.