5 May 2021

New Visual Style of Book Space

This year we decided to update the visual style of the festival that reflects the new reality in which we all find ourselves. Book Space designer Yaroslava Kovalchuk talks about the visual concept, symbolism, and ideas we put into it.

About new intimacy

Quarantine practices have been a challenge for many of us. Constant reminders of social distance, digitalization of everyday life, attempts to adapt to the new reality. We can't always hug our friends when we meet, masks restrain the expression of our emotions — all this only increases the internal isolation.

That is why we especially appreciate the new intimacy that emerges despite all the difficulties and prohibitions. Often spontaneous, like thunder in the clear sky, and explosive, like the launch of a rocket into space.

About colors and shapes

New circumstances call for new visual solutions. So now our colors have become brighter and more saturated, as well as our emotions, which are becoming stronger and sharper. Their shade was increased to the maximum, as well as the values we attach to them: blue — as a symbol of innovation, purple — courage, orange — creativity.

At the same time, the figures became simpler and spatially closer, as everyday joys which are especially valuable for us now. Standard lines, rectangles, and circles are the basis of complex layering which is a metaphor for our everyday life and a reminder to appreciate every moment.

We also enhance the effect of closeness through graphic techniques: colors converge in gradient combinations and shapes in layers and overlays. This is how we talk about the intimacy, the closeness, the presence, which we are often deprived of now, but which we so strive for and for which we compete.

About the future

We believe that humanity will overcome the pandemic and get rid of quarantine restrictions forever. In the meantime, we will continue to create new intimacy - more vibrant, sensual, and harmonious.